Tobacco cleansing and streghtening ceremony

Cleansing session of the tradition from northen amazon with a tradition reaching over 3000 years. The session consist of cleansing by provoked vomit with a tea made of the tobacco plant, known as Tabaco Mapacho. Ancestraly used to give strenght and mental clarity. The Tabaco Mapacho is a master plant, masculine, solar plant, is considered as as sacred in Peruvian Amazon basin.

The method:
The session is done in the morning, as this is the time when the body facilitates elimination of toxins and cleansing. This method used by the native indians consists in drinking a warm tea made of tobacco and warm water which stimulates elimination of toxins and blockages (phisical, mental and emotional) through vomiting.

It is important to mention that vomiting in the ancestral cultures are not considered as something negative, on the contrary it it a way for the body to get rid of the illnesses/negative energies. Also, if we observe the nature we see that animals ocassionally eat certain wild plants in order to clean themselves.
During the tabaco session the act of vomiting itself is not nasty and unplesant as after heavy alcohol drinking or bad food, in fact is liberating as one vomits energy and water. For this reason it is compulsury to come to the session on empty stomack.

The results of the tobacco cleansing are felt right away after and also in the days and weeks following the session.

This session is ideal for:
* cleansing the body from toxins in general
* reducing anxiety and bringing calmness
* reducing / eliminating auto-destructive habbits (mainly addiction to tabacco)
* fears and psico-emotional blockages removal
* lung capacity improvemet
* blood presure, blood oxigen levels and heart beat issues improvement
* preparing the body for ceremonies with entheogens

This session is not recommended to pregnant women and those who suffer hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure), had a heart operation or a brain mechanical damage.

Those recomendation should be followed in order to obtain the most advantage of the session. 3 days before and 3 days after the session avoid:
* alcohol, drugs and chimical substances
* strong spices and food with conservants
* meat, mainly swine and its derivatives
* fried and fat foods
* foods with high quantity of salt and sugar
* sexual contacts
* environments with heavy, negative energies

For the session:
* do not eat/drink anything in the morning of the session
* bring a blanket ot cover self
* wear confortble clothes

Duration: 2 to 5 hours