At present time we find ourselves in transiting throu the 4th dimension of consciousness (dedication to other men) into the 5th dimension of consciousness (dedication to our Planet Mother Earth).

During this process it is necessary to:
* complete fisical, emocional and mental bodies healing
* learn to love uncontitionally, to forgive and live in a community or clan
* increase own vibrations

My names is Thomas, and my intention is to help individuals and communities to achieve the above objectives. I also help to create a network of self sustained spiritual communities and Oasis of Peace - place for people to heal themselves and develop spiritually.

Therefore you can `clasify` my work as a holistic healer, medicine man and a spiritual guide.

My healing work is done on an energetic levels. I use energy of Reiki, Universal symbols, medicinal and teacher plants, cristals and also shamanic singing and drumming.

I act as a spiritual guide conducting consciousnes talks on variety of subjects, introducing the use of self healing and self awarness tools such as Kabbalah, Tzolkin - the Mayan Calendar, Kryon Universal Symbols and meditation.

Forgiving rituals

The act of forgiving is an amazing tool in introducing mayor changes in people's lives, health and relationships.

I am inviting you to use one of the proposed forgiving rituals.

One of them combines a meditation with an angel of forgiveness and than is followed by a Reiki session.

Another one is a prayer of the chamans from Hawaii called Ho'ponopono.

Reiki healing

Reiki is a healing practice that uses technique of hands positioning on patient's body, the way it works, the healer channels the energy of the Universe, energy of LOVE to stimulate and restore a correct flow of energies inside the patient´s body and the transformation of negative energies trapped in the body into light.

Reiki eliminates causes of the health problems allowing a quick recovery. For this reason it is not a therapy it is a healing.

I have a II level of iniciation in the Usui system.

Frequently it is necessary to undego a several, back to back sessions to obtain a significant result.

Duration: 1 to 2h

External link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiki

Medicinal and teacher plants

I use a variety of medicinal and teacher plants - plants that operate on the energetic level as well as having medicinal plant proprieties.

The main ones are described below:

- Cleansing and strenghtening with the plant of tobacco

Cleansing session of the tradition from northen amazon with a tradition reaching over 3,000 years. The session consists of cleansing by provoked vomit with a tea made ofthe tobacco plant, known as Tabaco Mapacho. Ancestraly used togive strenght and mental clarity.

This session is ideal for:
* cleansing the body from toxins in general
* reducing anxiety and bringing calmness
* reducing / eliminating auto-destructive habbits (mainly addiction to tabacco)
* fears and psico-emotional blockages removal
* lung capacity improvemet
* blood presure, blood oxigen levels and heart beat issues improvement

More information >>

Rapé - Sacred Tobacco Powder

Tradition of the indigenous indians from nothern amazon forest.
A powder made of tobacco leaves and other medicinal plants is blown into the nose of the patient through a bamboo pipe.

The efects are immediate and highly effective as the powder goes directly into the brain of the patient removing directly causes of ilnesses.


Tea made from the flowe is used to re-sencronize female`s menstrual cycle with the fases of the Moon.
In the natural order ovulation occurs on Fool Moon and menstruation occurs on New Moon.

The session consists of cleansing by provoked vomit, of a duration of 1hs roughly.

Cristals and stones

As far as we reach in history of humanity, crystals and stones had always fascinated people, many were attracted to them simply by their beauty and some by their vibrations and healing proprieties.
Civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Native American Indians possessed a indepth knowledge of their use.

Crystals and stones can be used in numerous ways, they can energize rooms, be used in meditations and to work with chacras, or carried with us in a pocket or as a piece of jewelry - all in order to incorporate the energetic/healing proprieties of the stone.

My favorite way to heal with crystals and stones is to energize water with them and later serve it as medicinal water containing the properties needed by the person.

I also share some of the knowledge about use of crystals and stones in a course >>

Energetical cleansing

I offer a service of negative energy cleansing of houses, businesses and towns as well as individual people.

Liberation of curses and deamons and unpure entities from all times is also offered.

Remote cleansings are also available, please contact me for details.


Price and duration of treatment depends on the person's income and antiquity and complexity of the problem.

Soul Journey - meditacion with a shamanic drumming

Shamanic journey or a soul flight is one of the oldest practice known to humanity, used by the native american, syberian and mongolian shamans.

When a person journeys the soul leaves the body, and may travel to a spiritual aspect of places on the earth, or may go within the earth, or above it.
Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through psychological issues.
When someone goes on a journey they are able to communicate on a spiritual level. So they can go and visit guardian spirits, they can go and visit spirits of the land. A journeyer can use a journey to examine the health of their body or another's body. They can also discover things about the world.

Session duration: 3 hours

Course: Introduction toTzolkin - the Mayan Calendar

This course has an objective to bring the partecipants closer to the wisdom behind the Tzolkin - the Sacred Mayan Calendar.

It is important to know that Mayas are the Galactic Instructiors of TIME, they had incarnated in the Yukatan peninsula (today´s Mexico) around 550 a.C and they had left us as a heritage the
Sacred Calendar Tzolin and monuments such as Chichen Itza but also the game of football and they famous prophecies.

The students will learn how to use this key to personal evolution, harmonising themselves and sincronising with the others and the Universe.

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Course: Introduction to Kabbalah

This course has an objective to bring the partecipants closer to the ancestral knowledge, Jewish filosophy about the knowledge of God and lows of the Universe.

Kabbalah origins reach 3,800 years and it is said the Abraham was the first Kabalist. The teachings of Kabbalah were first transmited in the written form in aramic in the texts of Zohar around 2,000 years ago.

The Kabbalah teaches that in order to claim the gifts and powers that we have created for, first we need to merrit them. One merrits them when dedicates oneself with a spiritual development - the process of transformation of one´s essence. Kabbalah provides us with tools for apositve change, by recognising and eliminating to sources of negativity in our minds and hearths.

In the Kabbalah teachings all illness, suffering, disappointment and chaos does not occur in our lives by chance, but shows us that we have yet not finished our work. This work is a process of eliminating of the dominion of the human ego and the creation of connection with our essence to share with God.
On the daily basis this transformation means gettinging rid of anger, envy and other unpure bahaviours in favour of patience, kindness and compassion. It does not mean getting rid of alldesires and move to the top of the mountain, on the contrary, it means living the full life that humanity had been provided with.

During the course we will learn:
* Filosophy of Kabbalah - the principal laws of the Universe
* Tree of life - path of consciusness development
* 72 names of God - powerfull tool for meditation, light generation and negative energies elimination

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Exteral links:

Teachings of Ascended Master Saint Germain

Jesus of Nazareth, known as Jesus Christ, was responsible for already finished Era of Piscis. Ascended Master Saint Germain is now responsible for the New Era, Era of Acuarius that had started in October 2010.

I transmit the teachings of Count of Saint Germain in explanatory talks combined with meditations. It is about knowledge of the Laws of the Universe that govern the world we live in and has nothing to do with any religion.

Kryon Universal Symbols

Kryon Universal Symbols is a group of symbols - energies that come into the scene to help humanity to enter into inner equilibrium and connection with the forzes of cosmos, nature and creation.

For those interested I can either send those symbols by email or share a course with a duration of 2 to 4hs.

Extrenal link: www.kryon.com

Other New Age Universal Symbols

We are about to enter the New Age, New Age of Light and there are seveal groups of codes being given to us.

I have the following symbols available:
* Basic codes
* Chacra activating codes
* Mandala codes
* Cetacean codes
* Dolphin DNA strands
* Christ consciousness codes
* Solar Logos Codes
* Codes of the Goddess

For those interested I can send those codes by email.
Please email me on: divinaconsulting@gmail.com


Meditation is essentially practicing of concentration of attention.
Even thou that meditation is a key element in most religions and mistical practices it is also a great excercise stimulating health benefits.

The benefits include:
* physical, emotional and mental rest
* increased ablility to concentrate
* increased self-guidance and freedom of choice
* increased feeling of own identity and life richer in opportunities

Duration: 1h


Throught the times various civilizations and cultures had implemented fasting
as a form of body and spirit purification.

Main benefits of fasting (food restraint) are:
* elimination of bacteria and toxins from the body
* cels and tissues regeneration
* physical energy increase; by fasting one increases the vital and body energies
* reproduction and survival genes activation
* mental clarity and sensorial functions increase: helps to increase memory, attention, sight, taste and olfaction

External links:
The Benefits of Fasting
The Health Benefits of Fasting


The best things in life come to us for free, the main ones are meditation and silence - we can practice those in any place without beeing dependant on anyone.

Many speak of the wisdome of silence, and they are right, silence is one of the best teachers.

This exercise teaches us:
* self discipline
* deep interior connection
* silence stimulates the crown chacra - the door of Light into our body
* by not speaking the energy from the throat chacra goes to the places where it is most needed
* how to communicate without sound


I am open to share the experience of my evolution path, talk about the purpose of life, process of life and death, healthy nutrition.
I can also prepare talks on any health and evolution related subjects depending of needs and interest of your group.

About me

My name is Thomas Eagle´s Claw, I am a Wizard / Shaman and a Lightworker.

My objectives are as follows:
* help others to live in full health and happiness
* guide others during the current time of trasformation
* spread the rules of creation and life in harmony with Mother-Earth * spread teachings of Ascended Master Saint Germain - responsible for the current Era of Acuarius.

My work consists mainly in:
* Share the knowledge of the rules of illusion and multi dimentional reality using Kabbalah and The Sacred Mayan Calendar Tzolkin.
* Helping people in discovering their own interior strengths, talents and virtues
* Helping to identify and fix the energetic needs, known in our times are ilnessses or/and faults of caracter

A short bio:
When I was still a kid I was playing with cristals and pendants, in my teen I have began by walk of self discovery starting with martial arts and meditation.

I was always helping people around, but without much consciousness of why and how to do it better. Later on in my adult age thanks to participation in rituals of the Santo Daime Church (Church for Angels, Wizards and wannabess) and shamans of the amazon and north America I have opened up my consciousness, found God and learned many things about myself, others and the laws of the Universe. My path is based on humilty in respect of the divine design of the human life experience and observation (of the ilusion).

I am a student of Tai Chi, The Kabbalah, The Sacred Mayan Calendar Tzolkin, Tao, Buddism of Tibet, and shamanism from origins from Hawaii, North America and the Amazon and the Andes.


Email: divinaconsulting@gmail.com

Skype: studiodivina

Tel Peru:

Tobacco cleansing and streghtening ceremony

Cleansing session of the tradition from northen amazon with a tradition reaching over 3000 years. The session consist of cleansing by provoked vomit with a tea made of the tobacco plant, known as Tabaco Mapacho. Ancestraly used to give strenght and mental clarity. The Tabaco Mapacho is a master plant, masculine, solar plant, is considered as as sacred in Peruvian Amazon basin.

The method:
The session is done in the morning, as this is the time when the body facilitates elimination of toxins and cleansing. This method used by the native indians consists in drinking a warm tea made of tobacco and warm water which stimulates elimination of toxins and blockages (phisical, mental and emotional) through vomiting.

It is important to mention that vomiting in the ancestral cultures are not considered as something negative, on the contrary it it a way for the body to get rid of the illnesses/negative energies. Also, if we observe the nature we see that animals ocassionally eat certain wild plants in order to clean themselves.
During the tabaco session the act of vomiting itself is not nasty and unplesant as after heavy alcohol drinking or bad food, in fact is liberating as one vomits energy and water. For this reason it is compulsury to come to the session on empty stomack.

The results of the tobacco cleansing are felt right away after and also in the days and weeks following the session.

This session is ideal for:
* cleansing the body from toxins in general
* reducing anxiety and bringing calmness
* reducing / eliminating auto-destructive habbits (mainly addiction to tabacco)
* fears and psico-emotional blockages removal
* lung capacity improvemet
* blood presure, blood oxigen levels and heart beat issues improvement
* preparing the body for ceremonies with entheogens

This session is not recommended to pregnant women and those who suffer hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure), had a heart operation or a brain mechanical damage.

Those recomendation should be followed in order to obtain the most advantage of the session. 3 days before and 3 days after the session avoid:
* alcohol, drugs and chimical substances
* strong spices and food with conservants
* meat, mainly swine and its derivatives
* fried and fat foods
* foods with high quantity of salt and sugar
* sexual contacts
* environments with heavy, negative energies

For the session:
* do not eat/drink anything in the morning of the session
* bring a blanket ot cover self
* wear confortble clothes

Duration: 2 to 5 hours